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The BEEE Group Dream Green Economic Machine (DGEM)

Ever heard of partnering?  We are the first NPO to be for other nonprofit and for profit organizations a  Mentor, and partner that will help you/r organization and business to  attain, maintain, and sustain by partnering to swarm with the bundle!

Dream Green Economic Machine Parent Organization, seeking the small and rural partnering affiliates forming to swarm stability, together it is easy ~ we help you, you help us, by partnering to affiliate for funding to support the community of youth and elders.

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“Seeking to partner and affiliate as helping to be the next best community stabilization tool that is certifying  agents, counselors, businesses, and nonprofits to become, the Dream Green Economic Team!”

Currently under Contract and Negotiations ~ check back in 120 days to see the changes to the site and projects!

Mentoring Up, train the trainer, seeking to being the best in order to connect the community to the best education, from our federal resource pool, to collaborate, bundle, and cross the lines in order to provide and to bring in the best neighborhood stabilization programs to implement into the community.

We are not the same old groups, doing the same old things, but, that does not mean we do not support them and their efforts!

Some of our mission projects we seek to infest in all neighborhoods with the buzz of collaborations and seminars will include:

You won’t find any of the same old things, but, what you will find is success in the making!

Much appreciation for the support ~  collaborations in order to work hard and succeed together for all.