• Welcome to the BEEE!
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Welcome to Simonton Genesis Global Ministries’ BEEE Trust

The BEEE Group claims to be “the” Dream Green Economic Machine (DGEM)

B.E.E.E  (Betterment & Empowerment through Education & Entertainment)

 Helping small organizations attain, maintain, and sustain by affiliated partnerships, to cause a swarm adding to the bundle for collaborative neighborhood education to cause funding efforts!

Dream Green Economic Machine seeks small and rural partnering affiliates. By partnering together this will bring a better support system to our communities of youth and elders.  We are equated to being the green expansion that other large nonprofits just cannot expand to compete.  Most nonprofits that are in service today are set in their standards and ways of funding efforts. The BEEE will cause a change in that same old group, gaining the same old funding, to do the same old things!

 As train the trainers holding new projects and programs to share, we are Certifying agents, counselors, businesses, and nonprofits as helping the little guys to sustain by attaining and distributing federal funding. Together we seek collaborations to add to the innovative and creative visionaries of the Dream Green Economic Team (DGET)!

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The BEEE excellence in transparency and standards will be a leader with GuideStar a member of BBB Global giving services as one of the Nations approved sites for nonprofits that are dedicated to being open and honest in all transactions of reporting of business.


To serve each community by the supportive introduction of federal programs and projects that will cause us to work hard to succeed together for collaborative funding efforts.
Mentoring up, we are train the trainers striving to become the best in order to connect within the community to spread the best education federal resource tools. We are seeking to collaborate, bundle, as we are called, the line crossers excelling to bring in the best neighborhood stabilization programs by funding and implementation for the service and growth of our community, nationwide.


The HoneyBeee’s will have a multiplicity of functions with one goal as to “infest” all neighborhoods with the buzz of affiliations and collaborations by holding fundraising events, seminars, as meeting initiatives of some of our mission projects that you will find does include:

We work hard for the success in the making!  We thank you for all of your support!
The BEEE™ is an independent, Parent Organization, with many ways to affiliate and upgrade your local charity. BEEE’ing a 501(c) faith based non-profit public charity, the BEEE was founded and will now seek to collaborate with local charities, locally to nationally as to spread the best education, which is in our opinion, science based. We seek to net the best results for life skills.